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coaching en presentiel ou distenciel pour professionnel ou particulier Mathilde Chauvot

What do you want to achieve?

What would you like to change?

Coaching is an accompaniment that allows the individual tobetter self-knowledgein order to mobilize itsfull potentialconsciously inachieving a personal or professional goal. Coaching is there to help you precisely define this objective and take action effectively throughout the process.

I amcertified professional coach(RNCP title). I support people remotely or face-to-face. 



These two months of coaching allowed me to take a big step in time. These coaching sessions allowed me to accelerate my progress on my professional and personal path, to trigger awareness that led to decision-making. I put into words the aspirations that were buried in me. Either I didn't dare admit them to myself, or I didn't know about them yet. The exchanges were fluid from the start. Mathilde identified my needs, tested various tools to support me and adapted to my development while I was able to focus on the issues highlighted, get moving and feel advanced. A listening and reactive personality while being natural. I felt a sincere desire to help, support and take part in the evolution of the person being coached. 

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