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Je suis diplômée d’un Master en management et stratégies des organisations au sein d’une école de commerce par correspondance : je travaillais en entreprise la journée et j'étudiais le soir, en parallèle. 


J’ai commencé à travailler dans la grande distribution, en France et à l’étranger, avant de me spécialiser dans la formation en management et communication, le coaching et la sophrologie.

Depuis bientôt 5 ans, j’anime des formations et des ateliers pour les entreprises et les particuliers.

Depuis 10 ans, je pratique la sophrologie et depuis 3 ans, je suis sophrologue.

  • Certification in Neuroscience
    In progress
  • Certified Professional Coach
    After having worked for more than 4 years in consulting and training firms focused on human support in business and having been surrounded by business coaches, in 2020 I decided to certify myself at Linkup Coaching (RNCP title). In 2021, I was certified professional coach.
  • Professional Sophrologist
    I started practicing sophrology at the age of 17 to pass my BAC in complete serenity, mobilize my inner resources and maximize my potential in my life projects (professional and personal). In 2017, I decided to train in sophrology. In 2019, I became a sophrologist at the Academy of Sophrology in Paris (RNCP title).
  • Trainer training
    Panache: I strengthened my posture and my trainer techniques by Panache in 2020. Rewel: I was trained in posture and trainer techniques by REWEL in 2019.
  • Master 2 Management and business strategies
    To join the world of management, I decided to continue my studies in a business school while continuing to work in parallel. In 2017, I graduated from a master 2 in management and strategy of organizations at the INEAD school, FEDE diploma (Federation for Education in Europe).
  • International Marketing License
    This degree was linked to my experience in retail where I learned to analyze consumer behavior and develop product innovations. In 2015, I obtained my degree in international marketing at the INEAD school (correspondence business school), FEDE diploma (Federation for Education in Europe).


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