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The sophrology sessions carried out with Mathilde allowed me to find inner calm and evacuate the negative. They gave me keys that I can use during times of doubt and to overcome the obstacles of life. Very attentive and caring, Mathilde has all my confidence during these moments of exchanges and practices which also allow us to get to know each other better. 



Mathilde accompanied me during a period of questioning and quite intense stress. The sessions were real bubbles of calm, introspection, reconnection to my strengths, letting go. Thanks to Mathilde, I discovered other resources available within me and I want to continue this journey with her, with whom I feel confident. I also appreciated our times of discussion at the beginning of each session, Mathilde is very attentive, asks the right questions, with real kindness, without judgment, to offer sessions adapted to my needs at the time. At the end of the session, the periods of hindsight to which she invites me are also a useful anchoring time to continue my "work". Thank you also for being so adaptable, whether face-to-face, remotely, or listening to your recordings, each session is a learning and caring moment. Contrary to the idea that I had formed of sophro following previous experiences, I understood as our sessions progressed that the benefits could be greater, with regularity... and the right sophrologist! 



I crossed paths with Mathilde at a difficult time when illness took over my life. His presence and his deep listening first allowed me to will keep  head out of the water then his support brought me a new breath of life. Thanks to our sessions, I began the path of physical and psychological healing. I find extinct emotions, I learn to know and listen to my inner being. This work with Mathilde guided me towards the path of serenity and resilience. Many thanks for your kindness and your influence!



After the failure of a competition, I was in a period of troubles calling into question my knowledge, skills and my personality. In this dark period, many doubts have settled. Mathilde came to bring the light, the flame to illuminate her path. Thanks to his patience, his advice and his methods, an inner serenity was found, to resolve this failure but also for all the trials of my life. His gentleness and expertise will bring you the need you have been looking for for a long time. 



After having gone through several difficult events during my life, I wanted to regain self-confidence and better manage my stress which had become invasive on a daily basis, even painful (cervical problems, migraines...). With gentleness and kindness, Mathilde knew how to listen to my story. She managed to identify at each session my needs of the present but also of the future and accompanied me over the sessions and est suitable for me as I progressed in my personal development. I learned to know myself better and to listen to myself. Every day, I apply what I learned from my sessions with Mathilde. I take back only positive, a big thank you to you!!



Following a breakup and a depression,  I started sophrology sessions with Mathilde. This allowed me to refocus and calm down in the face of this situation. The contact with Mathilde was beneficial because she is very sunny, soothing and non-judgmental. In addition to sophrology, she knows how to welcome who we are and make us aware of our strengths. This was one of the stages of my life that gave me confidence and hope. Gratitude towards Mathilde and sophrology.

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