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Mathilde Chauvot




Who am I? 

Since childhood, I have always had a strong aspiration for aux universe of human and spiritual development and this was guided by 4 elements:  

  • my different developed extrasensory abilities that inform me, guide me, enlighten me on what surrounds me (places, people, environments, energies, events...).

  • my early existential questions which put me very early on a path of research to find answers and integrate serenity, mental and physical harmony. 

  • des life experiences that are difficult, upsetting,  that I was able to transcend and transform  thanks to the development of 4 inner capacities: resilience, autonomy, confidence and joy. 

  • eAbove all… my constant quest for the evolution of my spiritual and human being. 


These items revealed ma own coloring in my way of supporting people. They also refined the construction of my professional activities. Today, I am a sophrologist for individuals and companies.

At the same time, I am a consultant-trainer in management and behavioral skills in a consulting firm.

What am I convinced of ? 

That each being is unique, has its own potential, has its place in this world, has a life energy to express and a spirituality en perpetual evolution. 


My wish 

Help people at: 

  • Access their potential through keys and take action 

  • To further open their field of consciousness 

  • To make them touch other dimensions of their being 


My training 

         Validées : 

  • Sophrologist certification (2 years at the Paris Academy of Sophrology _ RNCP title) 

  • Master II in organization management (Bac +5 in INEAD and IDRAC business school)

  • License marketing international (Bac+3 business school INEAD) 

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_In progress:

  • Certification in neurosciences (1 year at ARCHE HYPNOSE)

  • Coach certification (1 year LINKUP COACHING) 


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